Month: May 2014

New Zealand, 2014 {Day 2 of 30}

Today looking at the calendar I realized …  I’ve been in this house almost two weeks. Repetition. There is something beautiful about being held in a place:  the small changes of the everyday that surprise me. I think any kind of life is an adventure and traveling is just one of many ways. I even think sometimes “travel” is overrated, clearly a catalyst for inner processes in so many ways. Yet if not living with freshness, is the same as having any other way, just an exotic one. And you can live with freshness in everyday life wherever … like making a constant “refresh” on the website..

One day I asked  myself Why  if I’m happy in Irapuato, in the ranch of my grandmother ,  with my friends … why  go away ? but my loyalty is not with the coherence, is with the truth … the truth of what I feel , moment by moment , and  I don’t  want to create any conflict with it.

Let’s see… small things of everyday life on the farm:

1. Yellow leaves. And the perfect time when the sun shines in bench in front of the balcony.

2. Sometimes I spy the sheep from the window – To see what they do when they are not seen. 

3. There is something really big living in the attic. I thought someone got into the house at dawn. I took the bat and I HAD to go check each room of the 3 floors home …  for be able to sleep in peace.

4.Today Ron passed by the House:
– No, I ‘m coming in.  I’m just giving the round in the neighborhood, I usually visit the widow friends … you know, just to see that everything goes well…
Ho! I ‘m on the list of widows / lonely old ladies. Thanks Ron!

5. I took a walk in the afternoon:SONY DSC

I get to the river. I sit.
I am crying laughing
I see the stillness of the running water
and the movement of the tree
and I am both.
“The same truth is everywhere.”





And this dairy is parallel in a madly way with that one of a year ago:

Sailing logbook

Puerto Vallarta

I left the boat captain Play Boy, as my exaggerated friend said. I came to spend a few days with a Couchsurfing till I meet with Paul. A guy I found in the site findacrew. He said his crew decided to stay in Mexico so he need help for a couple of weeks … we’ll see.  I can at least learn the basics maybe.  Sandra asks me today if I’m comfortable traveling alone. I do not know how to answer, I just tell her that I have never felt alone … and I remembered that I read somewhere:

Alone comes from all- one.

* * * * * * *

Cuestacomate, Jalisco

And this is living in the ocean. I met Captain Pablo in a coastal town, I was not nervous, there is a huge trust and I can feel its weight in my body.  He came with a slouchy walk; he’s tall, looking around 65 years, gray and black hair. It feels quite. We took a water taxi that left us in his small sailboat anchored in the middle of a bay – lagoon. For the first time I felt


It’s so strange! This small space where you live, cook, sleep and eat – everything- and beyond anything …  just water. And it moves, yet anchored there is a slight rocking and the brain feels like you are making a joke on it, before deciding whether it like it or not. It is a sailboat of 38ft long. It has a small super-equipped kitchen, a cabin with double bed, a table that turns into another bed in and in front of it a sofa.  Smells to … still not decided … ocean … however the ocean smell.

Since yesterday we were preparing the supplies for two weeks, yesterday night Paul cooked and he explain how the thing with the water works, apparently a very issue aboard: Two taps a salty and a fresh one. In the morning I woke up early to watch the sunrise with a coffee.

When the engine is turned on in Romany Star (or any other sailboat) it means energy since generators are working and the batteries being charged. It’s time to connect my computer and check for 15 minutes what’s happening in the world … and better not be watching for long a  screen when the boat is moving like this…

– First test passed. Paul says … – If you could stay watching the screen without feeling dizzy is probably difficult to get seasick for you…

I was a little scared, but not the sea, not the man I am going with, or that something was going to happen. I was a little afraid of myself; I was afraid that my body gets seasick and discovered that I’m not good for this … silly. Finally I told myself that I would not put pressure on the seasickness issue … If I feel bad I will embrace myself ( as I do when something does not feel right ) and I would say that I accept it, that this sickness …  is part of me, part of the trip too. I would breathe, deeply breathe, and accept it.  But… there was no such need! … I felt some movement in my brain after a couple of hours and because I was reading  so I slept for a while … I dreamed and dreamed a lot and when I came back to this conscious the feeling was gone, but now awakening takes more energy , I have to remember where I am, with who, doing what…

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: 30 posts combined with a Sailing Logbook.

{Day 1 of 30}

I am just a naked woman at the end of the show. One that lives in a appropriately borrowed house. That sleeps with a baseball bat on one side of the bed… just in case. The cat meows at night exactly quarter to five and I stand up to open the door. 

I don’t think to be able to tell stories in order. At most a mixture between past and present. Today I say: I changed the cows of paddock, I started the fire in the chimney. Every day a grade less but there is firewood, is a lot and is dry. I am becoming expert starter of fires.

And the stories? Stories will be told by themselves. Cows or fishes? mountains or waves? Just a person cant have the credit for all that lives unfold in coincidences, situations, circumstances, and the “right moments”… I can’t say “I did this”, my imagination would not have the capacity of plan with  perfection of how things “happen”. 

Wait a minute,
I have to keep the fire going.

Now… what I was saying? ho! talking about sailboats: 

– To plan for how long and with who you will go in a sailboat without know it: It doesn’t work (at least for me). 

– To plan/ try to control everything and live in a sailboat: there are two antagonistic  things. 


My sailing logbook

1/20/2013, 10:04 PM Puerto Vallarta, Mex.
“Then I am here again. Stepping in nowhere, without knowing what to do. Just here… What I will do now? Do I know someone here? What can I do? What are the options? I don’t have any idea of what I am doing pretending I will go in a sailboat… What I want? I am left with nothing…
I just know it’s time to drop everything, my self and things will be whatever they have to be. Drop. Allow.”

Ok, I admit this sounds like a existential crisis more than having fun. Or to someone that was just left or lost the job? o well…  

1/24/2013, 2:32 PM
Puerto Vallarta.
The time with Steve y Sandra was good. I got more confidence. But still I don’t know what I am looking… I am looking? Is difficult to identify who is doing, this actions seem random, erratic, without logic. I guess I just want the freedom. To myself? I don’t know. Actually I don’t need that It make sense, just life doesn’t need to have sense or an explanation.

El primer velero al que subí
El primer velero al que subí… y casi chocamos…


Does the author believes his characters?




What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

New Zealand, 2014

And I keep the fire going all night. 

Laying on the carpet in front of the fire, the cat stretch his legs. Laying on the carpet in front of the fire, the foggy windows. Laying on the carpet in front the fire, in complete solitude… or in a solitude complete. Laying in the carpet in front the fire -I kiss you everywhere- Laying on the carpet in front the fire, I save the time under the blankets. Laying on the carpet in front the fire, memories condense. 

Like someone that rest the head in a home pillow after a long trip… I enjoy the little everyday-things of this Kiwi town, and a strange house but very well inhabited. I finished the 16 days of creative writing with the beginning of something else, not sure what. Is so nice to see from here memories! take the dust off the dairies in the sea, those that I carry in the backpack, the laptop, or in the memory. Emotions, adventures, nervous, silences, meetings, goodbyes. 

A journey from Here to Here. 


The sailing logbook


January 17th, 2013
Irapuato, Gto. México

Writing from the Primera Plus bus. There is one everyday that goes from Irapuato to Puerto Vallarta and is 500Km to reach the closest cost from my home city. If I am nervous? Bah! Why I should be nervous if I don’t have idea of where I will end up, all I have is a backpack (with just summer clothes) some hundred pesos in the pocket and the certainly that I have any clue of the dimensions of this journey… and I’m glad for that. 

I told my family I will come back in a couple of months. A little lie to say good bye in an eloquent way, without drama. My brother was playing videogames, we just wave to each other. My dad… where it was my dad?.

My mom? ha, she said “hija… TAKE CARE”. I said I come back in a little while (of course a Mexican little while) I smiled with confidence and -with sweety cold hands- I came to the bus stating thinking it was a bad idea to took my mom yesterday to see “the life of Pi” in the movie theater… 

The “banda” in Guanajuato asked me what’s going on, whats next after being in such serious and promising job. 

– I go sailing!

Now is 11pm since I took the night bus. At 6am I’m supposed to arrive in the bus stating and meet some people I’ve talk about sailing and being crew. Well see… I am calm, but is not only that I’ve never been in a sailboat… I just read the two first chapters of my Sailing for Dummies book! 

There is no plan. I told my friends: In January I take my backpack and I go to live in a sailboat. Maybe I can learn somehow and maybe I go to down in the American cost so if I don’t like it I can jump off in any port. Right?

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What Desafío Sweet is?

Is a Creativity Dynamic that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to write one Blog post for 16 continuous days with an objective beyond the literature itself.


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