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June 29 / Creative Challange

{Day 10 of 30}

No, is not what you imagine …  Standing in front of a group of 40 old ladies in an old house drinking tea. And in terms of Taumarunui, little town in the mountains of New Zealand … this is a Women’s Club.  Today they gather to listen the talk of a Mexican who came for some sort of coincidences … I wonder if this is only in appearance and there are more mysterious reasons behind this meeting of so many old ladies …  maybe they make secret plannings to invade the village with pastries , planting flowers in the corners, or exchanging all plastic tablecloths of the-only- coffee-shop for colored embroidery … maybe even they could be organizing an annual meeting to exchange secret recipes. Or it could even end by me turned into a white little mouse at the end of lunch like in that witches movie.

With all that… I still came. Half an hour before a lady came home to pick me up; I took a quick shower and look for something almost- decent to dress: a formal shirt, belt, pants and shoes… all black and gray. And I even dared to wonder if I would be “over dressed up”? The old ladies seem to have taken out their jewels and dresses (at least 20 years old). One day a week the Women’s Club gives them an excuse to spruce up … But,

What do a group of elder ladies from New Zealand want to know about me??

As I entered the room a delicious smell of food filled me up. They served a pumpkin cream and pastries … everyone talked about his own recipe with more or less pepper but all agreed that they would not even have to do the dishes.

Mrs. Ruth sitting next to me, the only black hair woman since all the others has whites and fluffy like clouds in this country. The “chicken” of  74 years of group dressed in a long black skirt and boots … four or five earrings in each ear and has a form of juvenile talk, “Hey darling, so you better come and sit right here”. Intense blue-gray eyes…

-Dear, do you have already a husband? She asked.
– No, I tell them. Everybody laughing.
– You better enjoy now that you are free my dear… all of them say.
– I do not know if I’m going to marry…
– So you will see if you meet the right one 😉
– Hmm … (roll eyes) … no, I do not know. I say laughing – and not knowing is perhaps worse than saying no, because if a woman says “no” is “yes” and “yes” is often “no” … but if I say “do not know” … More laughter in table.
– Dear you’ll have to speak laud in your presentation here because half are almost deaf. Are you nervous about public speaking?
-Nothing at all, I say. I think it would be easier to be nervous when you take it personal or you want to give an impression of something. At this point I do not care to give any impression more than what comes in the moment.  And of course I don’t prepare a single word beforehand.

I get up, I get to the front – the stories with scripts and orders left behind, there is a spontaneity in this…  the angles, spaces, and words are now different every time. Different tales of the same one thing. Then I flew until the table in the house of my grandmother picking the smells, spices, and the view from the window and to even her… and bring them all to the living room in this old house where elderly kiwis – a hundred thousand miles from Mexico – can meet my grandmother Rosa.

In Mexico we eat at three in the afternoon! Not like in NZ having dinner as the main course … seems funny to them … hence it follows a river of curious things … until the day of the dead I say in Mexico is a colorful day (and my mind goes for a second the idea of touching a sensitive issue as how much they think about death in this age? almost want to ask them but just forget the issue in the next minute …

club de mujeres

-How are the houses?  Does your family drive a car?
-What language is spoken?
-Is New Mexico part of Mexico?
-How are the weddings?
-How many children people have?
-What about the elderly?
-Then you come from a rich family? (Many laughs after this lol! Not rich financially at least I tell)

-How did you get here? How do you cook on a boat? Did you were afraid to go with a stranger?

I tell them a bit about the “whys” and “hows” of traveling slowly, something about sailing and taking care of homes … but what really arises here is when I say:  the real reason I can travel in this way is for the trust . Trust among strangers. Several of them look at me with eyes of proud mom, I laugh … Finally hugs and good wishes of many of them …  There are these things that I get into it … and I sleep early because tomorrow they want to take me to the exercises group…  

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

June 25 / My Sailing Logbook

Sailing logbook

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, México 2013

The first “sailing experience” is over. I came to the coast to spend those two weeks learning to sail. Rather of learning how to handle the sails, these days have been about recognizing the exact strength and wind direction as a skill that begins to develop in me. I have seen whales swimming alongside the boat:  Looking with big eyes out of the water and breathing hard. Now I swim to the coast as a natural pace, like someone that is going to do groceries in corner’s store  and back. A little universe apart … but not free of “rules” but rather an exchange of them, another way of living.

Before stepping foot on the ground back and write another farewell, I made a final announcement on the radio. I was saying my lines as usual “Hi, I am Tulia… 26 years old … blah blah blah … Nursing … languages … and I am looking for a boat going to  South America…  – then Pablo interrupts me – Say you go to the South Pacific as well, as is the season! – Then I add to this ad: … going to South America or South Pacific. I say it casual, like adding just one more detail.  I don’t even think what that can brings neither I think my first trip will be to a remote island.

Being off the boat it feels like freedom. Which is funny because the boat itself seems synonymous of freedom but it is easy to forget that life aboard is not free of certain tasks: cooking, cleaning, repairs and stuff. Also there is something very different and is the sharing of-almost-all personal spaces, time, meals, planning, etc. Everything is done together: one can’t disappear of the view as easy … I haven’t realized that kind of “enclosure” until I jumped out to land with my backpack. Now I have some thoughts about it…. I do not  know if I’ll be able to do it for a long time… but there is only one way to find out…

The boat hitchhikers

I got to Aly’s home; she is such a cute girl!  She arrived by boat from San Francisco last year and her roommate Mary Jo is also form the States … and ended up being the former crew of Pablo. I meet them trough Couchsurfing and there are other guys staying as well. All travelers in search for a crew position on a boat: Oogie from Israel, Rasmus from Germany, and Mark from Canada. Nobody knows anything for sure, just the idea of going sailing although there is lightness: if nothing happened other thing will came out. 

We are on the coast with backpacks ready; we make some ads on walls, others by radio, or making friends on the docks… going out to sail for the day. At night we gather to hang out, talk about boats and countries. Rasmus told me he left his career to come on this trip. Aly works in the Octopus Garden café and some days there she does a fire show. We laughed because I was the “Salsa teacher” (watching video tutorials on YouTube before, of course).

Aly and Mary Jo are already living in Mexico after their sailing trip. I do not wonder where the wind can take me; sure will be great whatever it is. And maybe like them I’ll get off the boat to live for a while in a foreign country… maybe even an island! Who knows? Today we dined, danced, laughed and that’s all I know.

New Zealand 2014

Two months after that meeting in Mexico we met on the island Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. Everybody got on a boat and had very different experiences even if was the same destination… It was very magical to see their faces in the middle of nowhere-ocean… and once again realize how “small the world is” or rather say how “mysterious the world is”.

This post has made me to contact the guys, because we never “add us on Facebook” till now. We were sailing into the ocean and islands and in those no-places Internet didn’t matter too much.
*Aly and Mary Jo are still living in Mexico.


*Oogie is now back in Israel after sailing to Fiji.

*Rasmus flew  from Tahiti to the US  where he lives until this month. Then returns to Germany.

*Mark flew to Australia and then to New Zealand where he is living and working (and I just realized!).


What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

June 24 / Creative Challange

{Day 9 of 30}

Since she arrived I’ve spending days in a  country with no name.  I was going to the library. I woke up late, I said to myself  I’ll get that book of Maori poetry today…  Checking my email -a message – “I’m in the library right now.” I think I was going anyways,  and maybe I could had found her with her backpack waiting  -without knowing – for someone that was going to meet  her -without knowing-.  Do we would have recognized each other? I think so, because secretly we already knew our faces … so that happen when you have a friend in common and descriptions have already been made in advance.

This day I had completed a month living in a lost village in the mountains. Evenings by myself.  Walks in the river. Talks with the cows telling them not to eat so fast because I do not know how to open the next package of food … and the sheep that I already know by signs and sizes.  A life of small – everyday things.

Exploring  in a different way the  New Zealand forest.  A few days ago with the “boys” of the club, those oldies my friends. But this time, I was walking in the rain with two hands on one pocket to keep them warm…  furtive getaways between the trees till be founded by the dogs … we got lost on our way back, but as K says: when she feel lost is exactly when she is not. And the smell! the smell of this tree that I lean over and the sound of droplets seep through the leaves … I could close my eyes I tell you, and  go back home just following the smells… after rain are so crisp, so enlightened, so fresh.

And those pleasures went  accompanied by tremendous meals. This time carnivorous, steaks, ground beef, lamb sausage … and no apologizes cuz I prefer vegetarian food. I am being spoiled. Someone else cooking for you.  Someone turning on the fire at night.  The fire burning without having to take care of it. Abundant firewood without going to search for it.  This has its advantages I think lying on the carpet in front of the fire in her company, a strange intimate.

And while the world is talking about players and balls here the meaning of the World Cup would be Mexico vs. Ecuador on kiwi fields. “Goal” they may shout in the stadium tribune, here the cat is the only witness of this game, he turns the head to one side and the other as trying to understand. Laugh. While Ecuador is beating England (as reported by my neighbor Lynn), and Mexico plays Brazil (according to the guys in the Bingo club) here we did not know nothing but the soaked rain forest we breath trough.

Now I knew why M and I never saw that movie together. This afternoon winter we put it on:  – Room in Rome – with a Russian and Spanish speaking in Italian. I think we have the “tú” in common at least (which surprises me a bit). We then set our flag in this space. Island where we impose the Spanish whispered as the first language. Foreign geography where the maps are not necessary, territory without  passports, neither visa paperwork to cross the border. A country with no name.

Quiet but in effervescence. When there is clarity there is no need for any logic. I think I have lived for so long without logic. I tell you there was a realization and nothing attracts me enough from here, I could not be doing something different (and has nothing to do with the country or with living in a house with sheep) … I turned to look and you’re smiling, you understand, you say it’s beautiful -that’s why I opened the door in the first time – I think.

Living this way of creating deep connections in such a short time is a gift. And although we would like to retain the silhouettes – at the time – they are gone … as will the markers of the games of this year will be a vague trace of odor and countries. We go to the bus stop. I return alone after driving speeds and curves to bring in the –witness- cat and start my own fire. The house is complete.

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

June 14 / Creative Challange

{Day 7 of 30}

I write to W and suddenly my writing is in English in the first place (not Spanish) and as days written in bird´s sings cant be translated… This one will remind without translation.


The little boy, playing in bed / while his wounded mother cooks,
is throwing little words and circles / out of the window.

She smiles / (the whole world lights up)
he chatters excitedly – What can he see?

There’s a monkey at the window – behind the door!
But he is falling /into darkness.

Cutting pieces of wood… this was not so useful so I gave up and had a cold house for the night. What a surprise later when I found a box full of little pieces of wood, it was hidden somewhere between the wall and the old three, right in the shade… its funny the things we put attention on and the others that we just pass trough without notice. Like this story… I don’t know why I like it so much… then I think is always about poetry like today that I just felt like start learning Arabic… just because… or that I am suddenly in love of Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi just because… Africa – just because…


She never taught him how to cry only how to sing.
Happy in herself – just as she wished to be –
she taught him endless space and vastness
and she calls him: Open-hearted.

I tell W about the pointlessness of clocks in this house. Here the time doesn’t matter, but days are weighted by the light that comes in the morning trough my window… then the warmth that comes trough the window to the living room, the red reflection of the clouds that paints the window in a different color, or the absence of light that reminds me its winter so it’s time to get the fire going… and warm up the house of a stranger that is my house.


Behind him a mountain of metaphors
in front a river a mouthful of night
and a train of caravans calling him away.

He wets himself / with laughter
running through Eternity – through this alleyway
this pack of dogs / the conspiracies of fate!

Today I go outside, I go for a bike ride around the neighborhood of mountains following the path, I play, I take some photos… I feel I got lost in some fairy tale – the nature is amazing here. Then in my way back I stop in Ron’s house to have a tea and we go shopping -the little happiness of fresh milk and cashews-. I think while looking the squared glasses and shiny eyes of this 80 years old man: There is a fine line that is crossed when the traveler in bike taking pictures steps in Ron’s house to drink tea in the yellow-round-shape- cup that his grandson gave to him. A fine line that covers a whole other world.


The solid front door remembers the hand that made it –
You are the key – and the creak of the universe — it’s your sole secret
(Long is the absence of light / that paints things awake –
Long is the presence of paint!)

You come home exhausted — from wherever you’ve been
the wind at your side — just as you wished
toyed with by traumas.

Came back home and now I have something in the oven. I found rhubarb in the garden, Fruit? Vegetable? Plant? or Flower? all at one? I make a sweet with it and I am sure I will eat the hole thing for dinner. I check my window: its around after-sunset… and just another day and maybe because Taumarunui is a foggy  town or maybe because my perceptions have changed through the window but it feels the line between days have vanished making a continuous of moments. Like the stream of the river in my backyard.


In the forest the lonely one knows all the voices
beckoned by the eyes of loved ones
their songs are luring her / with their tender fingers
and her own translucent solitude.
She sits in silence /close to every thing
brewing tea / stirring the porridge.

In the garden / of a strange home her home
she welcomes the pots and pans
to the sounds of morning.
Scrubbing everything in its proper place
one eye on the radio
that calls her to those distant sands
the desert.
But her colour flow like a river
so she can sing….

*Fragments of the beuuuutiful poem “A monkey at the window” by Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi (love love love).

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

June 10 / My Sailing Logbook

*One year trip from México to Nueva Zelanda aboard En Pointe and other sailboats.

15 /Feb /2013  –  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. México

“Sexy 26 y/o nurse 
looking for a boat that takes her
out to the sea”

– Perfect Tulia I’m sure there will be a bunch of sailors in the port lol.
– Well,  better tell me what I should put in the ad then…

Romany Star’s captain Pablo helped me to print ads for putting them  in the marinas around Puerto Vallarta. He says I should try announcing myself on the radio too, it feels like announcing something to sell but I will try. Sailboats communicate with each other on the net, according to the place where they are. Every morning they gather in a single-channel to check in with the name of the boat and then go to different topics: Weather (of course the weather!), who goes, who arrives, sales or exchanges, and crew positions. It looks formal but people on boats is actually relaxed, it’s just another community of people (living in water).

Thus we arrived to La Cruz after two weeks without touching land. It’s a lot? It’s few? I do not know anymore. We went in different bays for anchoring one or two days and slowly up the coast of Jalisco. The last stretch was Cabo Corrientes, famous for its strong winds and big waves. It was a 36 hours trip without stopping. The boat was healing over that I had to step in the seat, and the waves beating on the deck, everything was soaked. Would this be normal?! I thought. I want to be outside, in the air, I am quite salty, is total darkness and the strident sound of crashing waves in the water makes us to communicate loudly.


Romany Star sailin in Cabo Corrientes, 2013

Tulia h-o-l-d  o-n! Pablo says serious looking into my eyes but with a half smile in the face when he sees I am all grabbed even with the toenails. It is the first time we travel at night and with waves more than five feet. I do not know much about sailing, but I doubt that this is an everyday situation… Ho well, I’m going to sleep. There is nothing to do, with this weather Pablo will be on watch all night… I roll from side to side; put the mesh which works as a wall to keep me from flying away. I sleep. I open my eyes every few hours with a beating heart, in the dark things come and go, all mixed up … I feel weak … I sleep again, wake up, go back to sleep and so on until dawn. I felt bad for not helping Pablo but he is very proud of my ability to sleep in-any-situation.

Test passed: I’m ready to live on a sailboat.



Time is running out in Romany Star and I have no idea what its next of course. Now I understand the very basics of how sails work and I have learned to feel the wind on the nose and say yes, this is the direction.  Today I wanted to cry. Why crying could seem something wrong? Only a bunch of emotions that do not fit anymore, then they break. I do not know why I’m here … I don’t have expectations, no plans…

Sometimes this lightness can shock people, looking whys and logical reasons. Sometimes it also bothers me a bit not knowing destinations, an ultimate goal, a compelling reason, something that says: I’m on my way to conquer -whatever- but then I realize that when something in me wants to have a logical is just to answer questions of others. Because I’m fine without logic.

Here in the community of sailors there is something different in this sense: Nobody has much logic … mo more that the one given by the weather. People sells business and purchase sailboats, make a plan then is thrown overboard, they think I’m around the world and stop and live in Mexico, today  south,  tomorrow north … suddenly falling  in love and two ships become a larger one, with flowers and better food. The first time I went to a race on a weekend with Steve and Sandra we talked about that:

-You will notice Tulia, a sailor’s life  is like this:  The plans are written in the sand.

Now I say yes, I write in the sand the sailing idea … If a sailboat in which I feel comfortable not appears… I will leave it alone. I will do my ad on the radio a couple of days as messages in bottles… and the sea will do whatever it wants with that.

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What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

It started as questions from friends and ended up being this post.

Here are some ideas on what is traveling on a budget and websites that you can use for this. These answers came out during the conversation with friends who are about to start traveling.  I have a few years of experience living and traveling in alternative ways, and this is just a way to pass it forward.  If you have any questions about the information below or you’re about to start traveling, you can write me. Whether I respond in a post or reply you directly.

What is traveling with little money?


*Traveling on a budget is not being a tourist in the conventional way. It is a journey that is being created on the road. Not as a strict plan but rather a sketch and the opening of knowing that at any moment you can change.

*Travelling on a budget is to break your own structures. The same trip takes you to situations or flows in a way where you just break paradigms that you had before and you discover yourself in other contexts (like in a lost farm in New Zealand or on a sailboat in the ocean).

*Travelling this way will make you discover that money is relative and often live moving you spend less than when you’re established elsewhere.

*Traveling on a budget is to discover that money is not the only way of transaction. There are ways to share skills, knowledge, time, food, etc… It is an exchange whereby…

*Travel with little money is about connecting with others, even if you are very antisocial you end up sharing, meeting, exchanging with local people and other travelers.

*When travelling on a budget you will learn to give and receive freely … not only learning to accept help from others but it will born a genuine feeling of sharing, helping and giving (without expecting anything in return).

*Travelling with little money makes you creative and you will start devising ways to work on something you enjoy (instead of working for money).

*Travelling on a budget you rethink the concept of “needs“, you’ll see that having the latest I pad, pay the Gym, or having to take at least 5 beers is not necessary.

*Travelling with little money … also change the concept of time. You may want to extend your time on the road to make it slow because you will see that contrary to the popular belief, you spend less traveling slower (longer) than doing it quickly.

*Traveling on a budget is going out of your comfort zone and really gets into the trip.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans nor the intention of arriving” – Lao Tzu

The following websites are tools for traveling with little money; you can combine them with other “conventional” forms of travel. No matter how old you are or if you are traveling for a weekend or long term. Some web sites require a small fee to register.


Share a ride

People driving post their route and the number of available seats in the car in order to invite others to join the “raid” and share the costs. In addition to the company and the conversation during the trip is a pretty comfortable way to travel. In Europe there is  Carpooling and Blablacar. I used on my trip between Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland,  with a ridiculous amount of money in comparison with train’s prices I crossed the tree countries.  In Australia, the USA and Canada there is Liftsurfer that is also great.  In Mexico there is growing fast the trend of using Uber. This is a reference but it depends on where are you Google: carpooling, or share ride + the country where you are.


For more adventurous another way to get around is hitchhiking. I’ve seen that is used worldwide, but here in New Zealand or countries with less population is easier. In  THIS web site people around the world post by country advice on how to hitchhike, recommendations, precautions, where it is legal, etc. 



UIs one of my favorites, is a community of people who offer and receive a place to stay worldwide. You may (or may not) accommodate travelers from anywhere and at the same time when you travel you can stay with people who “do not know” and yet have something in common. I used CS in many parts of Europe, Mexico, and New Zealand and even on the islands of Tahiti. * It is free but we ask for a one-time donation of $ 25USD to register.

Advantage or Disadvantage: it is good to review the profiles and write to people you feel something in common, read the references to get an idea of ​​how the dynamics … Some hosts want to take you to doing things or see around (but is not expected) others are more relaxed and let you go at your pace, in any case includes part of socializing and it depends how you feel about that.


Airbnb  (Rental to locals)

On this site you connect with people who have space available for rent, you can browse among a great many choices of rooms, apartments, houses tree, etc.. They have photos and references to other travelers have left telling his experience at the site. After contacting the owner you make the payment online using the same page. The advantage is that it can be much cheaper and also comfortable (not being a hotel) and you can search by times of medium-term (several weeks to months). Airbnb profiles are checked to make sure they are real, yet it is always advisable to read the references. * Registering is free.



People around the world are looking for someone to look after their house, water their plants or feed their pets while they are not at home. In exchange you have all the commodities of being in a house. It is a way of traveling slow and low cost, plus it allows you to know the countries as “local person”. The downside is that if you want to move fast or be away from home for a few days is complicated when you feed pets. The websites I know are  Trustedhousesitters and  Mindmyhouse. You can get more information (in Spanish) here.


There are several websites with similar dynamics. The idea is the exchange between travelers (who volunteer their time and work) with local people, organizations, etc… (Providing hosting and in some cases food included). The two most common sites are Workaway and HelpX. There are volunteering opportunities from farms, hostels, as Aupair (nanny), and some other more creative or adventurous. It’s a good way to travel in medium term and is all over the world. The expected hours of work vary depending on the country, and also the agreement you make. The contact is direct and you don’t to do paperwork to sign up in the websites.


WWOOF a group of organic farms worldwide seeking volunteers and exchanging work for a place to stay and food. They range from organizations to small family-owned farms. It’s a different way of traveling and close to nature.


Much of the world is water! And one way to explore it is being crew in private boats. There is a large community of Cruisers: people traveling on their sailboats in order to explore the world and do it slowly and in long term (a lot of them live full-time on their sailboats).
After living a year being crew in small sailboats (and having crossed the Pacific) I could write a guide of different ways to get a boat, what is expected of you being a crew, how to start or where to look … so I’ll leave for another time.

There are several pages, one of which is   FindaCrew. It is a place where captains and crew can get in touch.  Owners and captains offer crew positions to people whether they have experience or sometimes even without it.  Either for free, helping in the boat-work, collaborating with some of the running costs or sometimes just sharing food costs. There are a variety of opportunities around the world..

{Day 4 of 30}

Farmer or sailor?
Ocean or mountain?
Stillness or movement?

These days I’ve disappeared between hours in front of the river, walks senseless, cutting kiwis in the garden, or at the bottom of the hot tub to stop shaking… from the cold? It’s winter … naked trees, fallen leaves, fires … and smoke rising like clouds all over town. I feel my heart keeping warmth, pum pum pum.

I went to the “club” to play bingo with Mr. Graham and his wife.
– And … do you have children?
– Yes, one of 50 and another of 48.

Well, it was the social Wednesday night and there were about 50 people … gray-haired and 65 years old and above. On of those things that happened to my by chance. Also it turns out that my buddy Mr. Graham is in charge of the police district, which is pretty funny given the hmm… situation.

After listening a while their stories… I see that actually is not just me, maybe we all go through changes … of tastes, attitudes, trends, jobs, problems, and the interesting thing is that while living the one: I could swear it is The true one, the last and the most valid; or that the problem I had was the highest (when I had long ago forgotten the others).

One day I was sad and in a hole because I separated from someone … and then happily asked about your next affair!. One day I thought strongly on becoming the best researcher, and then I quit and went for thinking I should travel all the time; then the sailboats appear, then the boats finished … So why identify so strongly with the person / situation / problem being in this time? 

The other day I was riding a bike with Graham and on the way I remembered that before when I asked myself: who is Tulia? images and projections of the person I believed to be where coming at mi mind to try to make a “shape of me” or a character … But now even if still see those characters and stories, there is something that is separate from them in order to see them, and only a sense of “being there” reminds.

It’s like if before I thought my life was like going on a roller coaster ups and downs and suddenly realized that it was actually the base where all these ups and downs are. Is actually depending on my perception I can be the girl on the car experiencing all that or I can be the entire structure of the roller coaster and know that there are ups and downs but experience them from another perspective.

Discern: When thinking who am I? if come images, concepts, projections, tastes and trends of the person who is believed to be … almost sure these are related to the context in which I have lived or am living. So on my bike ride in the afternoon I had the insight that the called “knowing ourselves” is not unimaginable not in a poetic expression but literal.

Today is the day of the caretaker of sheep, working again in research … will see if later on I open a litte coffee shop back in Guanajuato or something else… Even the character of “traveler” also has fallen … but “seeker” is the trikiest one.

Pd. Please someone remind me all this next time I fall in love / have crises / or take the character very seriously … as YES it has happened to me…

En el patio trasero de la casa…

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

 2/10/2013  – Bahía Paraíso, Jalisco.

I weak up.  I ‘m locked in a compartment. There is a bed and a wooden little door is imposing distance from the rest of the boat . I feel that everything is rocking from side to side , but we are anchored… still in an open bay. There is a sound of animals scratching the bottom of the boat, Paul says they are shrimp and when he sleep ashore he misses the sound. I dreamed a lot, I had dreams of guilt with my mom and my sister, then I dreamed of my friends in Guanajuato and then with Perla… Wake up in the sea shakes the mind, it plays games,  it takes the mind from of all the known. On the other hand, I feel as part of something else, closer to the world itself, that individually. I see a spectacular sunrise from the horizon, it is amazing to see this landscape … and feel that I am part of it, here floating in the water…  I look our neighbors anchored in the other side, they also see the sunrise with their coffee cups, is a stillness that can be felt even . As if all of our questions were already answered…

There is two hours of the day where all the answers are given: sunrise and sunset.


Amanecer en el ancladero. Jalisco



¿How’s life on the boat?

At least in the couple of weeks I’ve been on board Romany Star, we moved the boat during the day, in the evening we anchored in a bay, Paul and I took turns cooking.

I have been learning the basics of sailing, I know how to raise the main sail but I’m learning all the terms in English. It’s so funny that my life happens in English when I am still in Mexico, but it is the language board and I haven’t been ashore in over a week. In the morning Paul plays harmonica, sometimes we go to do snorkeling, swimming, read a lot, write, and there is just so much time to be doing “nothing”. The sense of time as change radically…   does not matter much using clocks, calendars, although I felt this way since last year, in the boat is so natural.

The sense of time in the sea … is defined by the wind.



Why to go in a boat?

Many ask me why I am doing all this.  I do not have answers that make sense. One day I felt just I would really like to live on a sailboat, I said: I will travel and live on a sailboat. I do not expect that will made ​​me happy, or I’m on the last quest for the meaning of life, or neither I am trying to  “follow my dreams ” … the truth is that I just felt like doing it. I must confess that sometimes … something on me wishes there was one of those “reasons with height” but no… It would give a “sense” of something that lacks it and doesn’t need it. Does have be always a reason, why do it?



Today was my turn to cook; I learned that on a boat the kitchen is called: Galley. Humorous but all in a boat as a different name, the bathroom is the: head … funny too.

Today we spoke with Paul at dinner about his last divorce and he’s still dealing with letting go and forgetting his ex – wife since they still love each other but she’s tired of live in a boat.  Then I wondered if I’m the one who sees things very simple or maybe I have not much experience with these issues of relationships and breakups… I do not know what to say besides: enjoy that too, but it seems not to be a very logic advice.

I have thought about the concept of Enjoy and I think the interpretation I give differs radically from others, could sound kind of crazy if you compare it with other ideas. Enjoy for me is living in the moment, moment by moment no matter if is a happy one or not. I can enjoy sadness, nostalgia, uncertainty. And know not explain how! But I know that one can enjoy not having money or having it. Living with someone or being alone. I think within the limits of masochism … you can enjoy it all.

 “Paradise is where I always Am

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What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.