Month: November 2017

November 27 / Diary

I could have published the photos of Bangkok and the trip to Thailand that I never planned, selfies in the Kingdom of Siam, the golden, the flowers, and the castles of dragons.

I could have published that Holbox trip in June, when my uncle and the puppies in the heat, Luz and me fighting the mosquitoes but pretending a perfect picture with the turquoise blue behind. The horizon and the sun making you feel that everything here is perfect, that there are no mosquitoes, no allergies, nor invasive tourists in this “paradise”.

I could have shown the photos of Puerto Vallarta in March, the pretty cats, the boardwalk and the entire apartment with its air conditioning; here also the  photos would be retouched in Photoshop, would gladden the view with a better exposure and increased blues and greens, erase that plastic bottle in the sand, enhance the sharpness and brightness, and the contrast too.

I could tell you that we sailed, that we went to San Francisco to see Captain Tom, but he likes the publications at the moment, we did not escape from that. San Diego: at home almost every day because of the heat, the work, and the dogs.

And the sailboats? white, clean and perfect while I cook in the middle of the waves wanted to vomit the pesto with mushrooms that I just have dined. Using the motor instead of sails, and also hating to cook and do the dishes for the whole crew because happens to me to be a woman in the middle of men and even up here sometimes the ages and the genders are imposed.

But the photos! haaa those are perfect, the Sea of Cortez always blue, the heat and the bathing suits premiere, the sailboats after all always have to be poetic, right?  What am I missing? Valle de Bravo, the progress of the house with its four walls, the growth of the cats, the acceptance to the postgraduate course in Australia, the visits to Guanajuato, the airports, and the goats, again the goats.

It seems that Facebook was left behind, and the nights are still cold.


Photo: at my grandmother’s ranch.

Note: This and most of the post are originally written in Spanish.