Day 15: May I be forgiven…

May I be forgiven in Mexico for not knowing about the Internet censorship, or worse… for not knowing the precise number of goals in this World Cup.

May I be forgiven by the UN for not read the last statistic about malaria, since I chose study the exact correlation between tenderness and passion on a field research.

May I be forgiven for the pending books to read, the authors I never remember, and the poems that I destroy trying to translate. 

May I be forgiven by Anatomy and Physiology since I just understand about those body parts that I have tasted. 

May I be forgiven by Summer, because I’ve chosen Winter.

May I be forgiven by Geography for invent my own maps and ignore all the  sea, land or… corporal boundaries.

May I be forgiven by migration (or may they send me back).

May I be forgiven for not come to my cousin’s wedding, my nephwe’s birthday, the first communion, the baptism, the day of the mother, Christmas …

May I be forgiven by my grandfather because when he died I was celebrating life  in the other side of the world.

May I be forgiven for the lovers since I cannot remember the corners of their bodies and the smells were forgotten in the fire.

May I be forgiven by whom yesterday I called  “my love”  with a name… since Life doesn’t need to call “my love” to itself.

May I be forgiven by my dead ones who I don’t pray to…

… and by the church for seeing my own God…

 and for all the toughs that I’ve changed for heartbeats.

May I be forgiven by all because I don’t need forgiveness.  I’ve pardoned myself …
and without any penalty. 

What Desafío Sweet is?

Is a Creativity Dynamic that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to write one Blog post for 16 continuous days with an objective beyond the literature itself.


16 Posts/ personal essays for… just for do it.
16 Actions to promote or kick-start a project of research consulting.
2 Languages
One “let’s see what happen”

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