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August 13 / My Sailing Logbook

24/Feb/ 2013 – Nuevo Vallarta, México.

This would be the Final Test. There it was on deck, made of plastic and with wide rims (looked quite comfortable in fact), nor as large as those big home depot containers  but not too small. Just the right size for…

The very moment to decide if I’m going to cross the Pacific aboard En Pointe is this one.

Tom wanted to have a “serious talk” before I come live aboard. I was a little nervous at first, I thought I would talk about passports, insurance, expenses, or perhaps permission signed by my mom, or something like that. Who could know what a “serious issue” could be in these terms? Not every day one talk about sailing across an ocean and I really have no idea.

I arrived at the Paradise Village Marina, a port in the middle of a very fancy complex of hotels. I walked between some large and luxurious sailboats. Around a corner at the end of one of the wooden docks, between that shiny catamaran and that other brand new motor boat,  with the best view to the mountains: it was the yellow sailing boat attached with a pair of ropes in front and behind.

Tom was sitting in the cockpickt (or area where sailboats usually have the wheel) with crossed feet on air, cap, and sunglasses. He invited me to come aboard and I took off my sandals. Now I would discover the heart of that entire important subject we should talk.

¡En Pointe has no toilet! Well, it has a little one but for “special occasions” when the weather is really bad.  Tom Said, if you have no problems using a bucket then there is no more to say. However I understand if you do not like it because not many girls like to use a bucket as a toilet … and not even talk about the shower on deck. Here he gave a little nervous laugh and waited in suspense my answer…

¿¡To use a bucket!? What a relief! It was this. Of course I do not mind using a bucket!


Tips on how to do it on a bucket (board a sailboat):

1) Make sure you have a rope tied to the handle.

2) Using the rope, toss the bucket and fill on third with sea salt water.

3) Put it in a safe and private place.

4) As you sit be careful not to get stuck

5) When you’re done, bring it to deck with EXTREME caution and WATCH FOR:

-NEIGHBORS swimming around or looking at you. (there are several anecdotes regarding this point)
-Someone aboard using the salt water tap to wash dishes.

6) Look for where the wind comes before pouring the content!

7) ) Once you’re downwind. Set it free to the sea. The fish will be happy.


The great advantages of using the Bucket:

1) Not having to fix the toilet (relief for captains) or cleaning (relief for crew).

2) You do not have to pump, wait, and look in suspense how is going around and around hoping is not going to return before the captain or the next person on board use the bathroom.

3) You can place it anywhere. If it’s hot you put it in a cool place, if it rains you move it into the roof, if you feel like putting it on deck is fine.


Considerations when choosing the most appropriate bucket:

1) You must choose one of perfect size that fit well your butt without you getting stock. If you can test it by sitting on it before buying it, much better.

2) Must be of a durable material that does not bend with the weight.

3) The strong colors are better than light colors. Just aesthetic issues for the sight.

4) Take care that the edges are wide, so they do not injured in the legs when sitting.

5) Try to give it a clean occasionally because if not start to grow moss!


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la cubeta

*From Mexico to New Zealand aboard a sailboat. Now from ashore I transcribe the diaries of one year living on the sea.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit. Mexico.

Between ships and land shores, ports and docks, between going or staying… wandering. Among all the chaos of coincidences and new people, I met a man named Tom, who starts with T as Tulia, as Tita, Tus, and Tila back home in my parents’ house. Among he saying:  I will cross the Pacific and I am seeking for crew.  Paul’s idea about advertise myself on the radio gave result and I was talking with the captain of the small yellow sailboat (But that does not matter too much right now… I just met him once and who knows if I will see him ever again).  Among all this happenings… I got a little message from S yesterday: “heart … I think of you … I want to see you” a couple of lines to me sounded as poetry. It was one of those light evenings at  Aly’s home with the guys  in search of sailboats. Next day I woke up with a burning heart, inspirational, in love. I know we have different rhythms and cycles, and only I’m curious if one day we will coincide and live something more…



The first time I saw Tom was in the Marina, in Paul’s boat.  He answered my call on the radio, another man came also but did not give me any good impression, so I refused.  Then Tom came, we talked about his boat and I did not understand a lot of terms (for that I asked Paul to help me with the interview.) I assume that there are no suicidal people around here and if someone wants to cross an ocean he’ll have complete confidence in himself and in his boat. The only thing I really care about is the person and if I feel comfortable with (as I saw that live on someone’s boat is about sharing and living together before everything else).

The first thing I said above all was:  I do not seek any relationship, or any chance of this, or the idea of ​something, anything. Well, I will not go in the middle of the ocean having in mind if I misinterpret something or if I feel strange. (And I said this, as if really would  embark on this trip) Surprised and laughing  Tom said he was more than agree since he was not looking for anything neither (Just I have to be clear). He gave me good impression, good vibes, neutral and somehow peaceful. Paul found him nice as well. We agree in going to sail a race for the day and we’ll see. I telephoned my mother to gently starting putting out the idea of ​​her daughter going away to a remote island.



I went sailing with Tom and Linda. This is happening … is happening as things that have happened to me so far; passing without me notice them. And when they are already happening I turn to see: I’m already here, I’m going … I’m already doing it.  So I am impressed, and even a little scary, because then, gently, smoothly, without efforts, almost inadvertently, things are fitting on their place to go to the Pacific, in two weeks, three weeks, French Polynesia. OMG.

In the end I’m realizing that there is no place to go. Now I am and have always been in the place or situation to be full, be happy. Paradise is always where I am now, no matter where is this … I seek nothing, I have fun, I like to put myself in situations that move me in, put myself on the edge and is where I can discover-me(whatever that means). I know that maybe I do not need to do all this but it is a way of… seeing the world … see the world inside me.

S wrote me. I was very happy, yesterday and this morning I could just be still thinking about her and what she wrote. I was surprised … Which reminds me that lately my name gives me a different feeling than before, Tulia, sound sometimes foreign, sometimes gives me a loving feeling, or it feels like a past life, or like someone else name, someone who I know well. 



This is happening. Really. Tom, Linda and I went to Octopus Garden where Aly works and what a surprise! Aly came sailing from San Francisco but I just found that she almost came down with Tom as a crew, so they knew each other already. Coincidences and good signs. Then at the end of dinner, we ordered a wine and offer a toast.
So, we are going? /  Tom said.
Yes, we are going. I answered.

I do not know what causes me more excitement: the fact that I’m already making plans to move to the boat or to know that S loves me.

I have written her:

…In the end … who cares? If now I feel intensely. I love you in a very free way, without need, without agendas, without wishing that things were different, not “havings”. For me it does not matter, after all relationships are always changing. Like friendship, brotherhood, passion, absence, or romance… that’s not so important.

There is no place to arrive, or no name to lose

What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.

June 10 / My Sailing Logbook

*One year trip from México to Nueva Zelanda aboard En Pointe and other sailboats.

15 /Feb /2013  –  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. México

“Sexy 26 y/o nurse 
looking for a boat that takes her
out to the sea”

– Perfect Tulia I’m sure there will be a bunch of sailors in the port lol.
– Well,  better tell me what I should put in the ad then…

Romany Star’s captain Pablo helped me to print ads for putting them  in the marinas around Puerto Vallarta. He says I should try announcing myself on the radio too, it feels like announcing something to sell but I will try. Sailboats communicate with each other on the net, according to the place where they are. Every morning they gather in a single-channel to check in with the name of the boat and then go to different topics: Weather (of course the weather!), who goes, who arrives, sales or exchanges, and crew positions. It looks formal but people on boats is actually relaxed, it’s just another community of people (living in water).

Thus we arrived to La Cruz after two weeks without touching land. It’s a lot? It’s few? I do not know anymore. We went in different bays for anchoring one or two days and slowly up the coast of Jalisco. The last stretch was Cabo Corrientes, famous for its strong winds and big waves. It was a 36 hours trip without stopping. The boat was healing over that I had to step in the seat, and the waves beating on the deck, everything was soaked. Would this be normal?! I thought. I want to be outside, in the air, I am quite salty, is total darkness and the strident sound of crashing waves in the water makes us to communicate loudly.


Romany Star sailin in Cabo Corrientes, 2013

Tulia h-o-l-d  o-n! Pablo says serious looking into my eyes but with a half smile in the face when he sees I am all grabbed even with the toenails. It is the first time we travel at night and with waves more than five feet. I do not know much about sailing, but I doubt that this is an everyday situation… Ho well, I’m going to sleep. There is nothing to do, with this weather Pablo will be on watch all night… I roll from side to side; put the mesh which works as a wall to keep me from flying away. I sleep. I open my eyes every few hours with a beating heart, in the dark things come and go, all mixed up … I feel weak … I sleep again, wake up, go back to sleep and so on until dawn. I felt bad for not helping Pablo but he is very proud of my ability to sleep in-any-situation.

Test passed: I’m ready to live on a sailboat.



Time is running out in Romany Star and I have no idea what its next of course. Now I understand the very basics of how sails work and I have learned to feel the wind on the nose and say yes, this is the direction.  Today I wanted to cry. Why crying could seem something wrong? Only a bunch of emotions that do not fit anymore, then they break. I do not know why I’m here … I don’t have expectations, no plans…

Sometimes this lightness can shock people, looking whys and logical reasons. Sometimes it also bothers me a bit not knowing destinations, an ultimate goal, a compelling reason, something that says: I’m on my way to conquer -whatever- but then I realize that when something in me wants to have a logical is just to answer questions of others. Because I’m fine without logic.

Here in the community of sailors there is something different in this sense: Nobody has much logic … mo more that the one given by the weather. People sells business and purchase sailboats, make a plan then is thrown overboard, they think I’m around the world and stop and live in Mexico, today  south,  tomorrow north … suddenly falling  in love and two ships become a larger one, with flowers and better food. The first time I went to a race on a weekend with Steve and Sandra we talked about that:

-You will notice Tulia, a sailor’s life  is like this:  The plans are written in the sand.

Now I say yes, I write in the sand the sailing idea … If a sailboat in which I feel comfortable not appears… I will leave it alone. I will do my ad on the radio a couple of days as messages in bottles… and the sea will do whatever it wants with that.

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What Desafío Creativo is?

Is a Dynamic  that started in Caminomundos.  The challenge is to do some creative work for 30 consecutive days, can be posts, poems, pictures, etc. Do you want to participate?

HERE: This is a creative writing experiment where I’m mixing my dairies. Sometimes I write from the present or sometimes I just post my old dairy that I wrote when I live aboard a sailboat for one year.